Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra Comparison to be best

Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra Comparison to be best

Are you looking to buy a new car? Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra are the two shortlisted cars in your list when it comes to buying one packed with features. This article will help you to compare Volkswagen Polo vs Nissan Micra, and provide a clear picture on the same.


Nissan Micra too is a beautiful hatchback car offers some beautiful features. It offers a great style to its customers. The interior space it provides is a bit compact. But it will not compromise the occupant’s comfort. Volkswagen Polo GT is brilliant and rich hatchback, which guarantees comfort with excellent style.

Price comparison

The ex-showroom Nissan Micra price begins at ₹ 6.85 Lakhs and it goes up to ₹ 8.13 Lakhs for the completely stacked Petrol model. And the base Diesel model starts at ₹ 7.78 Lakhs, while top-end model costs around ₹ 8.54 Lakhs. For the Volkswagen Polo Petrol model, the Volkswagen Polo price begins at ₹ 6.12 Lakhs and goes up to ₹ 10.48 Lakhs. And the price of base Diesel variant starts at ₹ 8.02 Lakhs, while its top end Diesel model costs around ₹ 10.48 Lakhs. Note: New Delhi prices are taken as base for the above; hence you may find a difference in the price of these models as per your location and the variant model of same cars.

Mileage Comparison

Concerning the asserted fuel efficiency of Nissan Micra, base Petrol model is found to be 19 kmpl. The fuel efficiency of its diesel model is found to be measured as 23 kmpl. In case of fuel efficiency of Volkswagen Polo, its base Petrol model it is found to be around 19 kmpl and whereas the base Diesel model provides a fuel efficiency of around 20 kmpl.

Engine Comparison

In the powertrain division, the Nissan Micra comes in 1 for Petrol and 1 for Diesel motor alternatives with 76 bhp Petrol and 63 bhp Diesel motors power. For the Volkswagen Polo, it comes in 2 for Petrol and 2 for Diesel motor alternatives, with 75 bhp Petrol, 104 bhp Petrol, and 89 bhp Diesel, 108 bhp Diesel motors.

Space or dimension comparison (length X width X height)

For the Nissan Micra model, the dimensions of Micra are 3825mm X 1665mm X 1530mm. It offers a boot space of 251L and ground clearance of 154mm. For the Volkswagen Polo, The dimensions of Polo are 3971mm X 1682mm X 1469mm. It offers a boot space of 295L and ground clearance of 165mm. Thus select the best which suits your need and budget according to the essential comparison in between the Volkswagen Polo vs. Nissan Micra cars.

Bookings for New Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra 2018

Both the cars are available on each showroom and can be booked at affordable costs. Both the manufacturer of the cars offer attractive schemes and  EMI facility to customers.