Review Ford focus 4-door Sedan and electric version

Review Ford focus 4-door Sedan and electric version
Review Ford focus 4-door Sedan and electric version

After already at the Geneva Motor Show in early March the new 5-door sedan and the tournament focus has introduced version of the Ford, is set to now on the upcoming New York Auto show. With the compact 4-door focus sedan and the environmentally-friendly electric version, to class VW Golf are set under pressure. It increase the production capacity.

Powerful design and improved details

With the two new versions of the focus, Ford followed a consistent model offensive and supplies in addition to a sporty body design, an improved interior and more efficient engines. The powerful look is dominated by a redesigned bonnet and the massive grille. The headlights were dynamically pulled backwards and give the focus a spirited face. The sportive character continues in the Interior. Here Ford has been mainly due to enhanced operating comfort. A new center console and high-quality materials raise quality standards. The optional, heated steering wheel, or the intelligent MyKey system, with the important vehicle functions such as speed and volume of the audio system can be programmed according to personal preferences, to confirm the good impression. Also the multimedia connectivity system SYNC 2, which celebrates its European debut in the new focus series, or the Adaptive with guiding bi-xenon headlamp system, represent interesting innovations.

Improved handling and safety systems

Also in the field of security and the General characteristics, the series has been improved markedly. So also the automatic brake functions have been revised along with the General handling and steering. Above all, the active city stop safety system now offers up to a speed of 50 km/h so far attacked the function only up to a speed of 30 km / h. -new improved protection in city traffic – the wizard Auspark and the complementary cross-traffic are system that warns of approaching road users within a radius of 50 meters behind the vehicle at the parking alert.

Efficient engines with extremely low emissions.

The engine can choose focus customers from newly developed drives, such as the

  • 5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine or the 5-liter TDCi turbo diesel four cylinder. The revised version of the 0-litre EcoBoost – three cylinder scores heavily and sets a new record of Ford for CO2 emissions: in conjunction with the modern six-speed gearbox it is the first gasoline engine in a Ford focus, which should emit less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer. As an alternative to the version with 125 HP is the 0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine with a power of 100 HP and a consumption of 7 l / 100 km (combined) and CO2 emissions of 109 g / km available. End of 2013 two test pilots, succeeded with the latter unit, a distance of whopping 619 km to go – with only a single tank of gas! The vehicle then came up with an average fuel consumption of only 3 l / 100 km.

    Focus electric – the first standard electric car by Ford

    Who likes it even more economical can in the future by Ford draw on the first standard electric car: is the focus electric. The 107 kW electric motor provides a maximum torque of 250 nm and make it to a top speed of 137 mph. The maximum range of the lithium-ion battery is up to 162 kilometers according to Ford. The charging time is approximately seven hours on a 16 amp charging station, into a conventional electrical outlet, it takes nearly 11 hours until the batteries are full again. To top it off the green concept of the model Ford offers to neutral electricity across Germany all customers CO2 in cooperation with the natural current AG and RheinEnergie AG.

    The market launch of the new focus series is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. Ford focus 4-door Sedan Prices were so far not yet announced. To meet the demand, Ford has increased the production capacity in the world’s eight works according to its own figures. So, in the future more than 5 million copies per year can be produced.

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    Review Ford focus 4-door Sedan and electric version
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