Peugeot 208 Hatchback – Reviews

Peugeot 208 Hatchback - Reviews
Peugeot 208 Hatchback

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  • The Peugeot 208 Hatchback until now sold with manual and automatic gearboxes. Now it is available even with robotic transmission. We understand, why you need it.

    It would seem, «mechanics» and «automatic» should fully satisfy the demands of owners Peugeot 20

  • However the market have decided to withdraw the option with «robot». The transmission is very simple, with one clutch. This means that the «rate of fire» and a special smoothness inherent in the dual-clutch boxes, count. In contrast, the transmission (with a clutch) has pause when switching and jerks. And it is unlikely in this case would be an exception to this is the design of the mechanism.

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    Was it worth about White House vegetable garden?

    As it turned out, was worth it! The fact of the matter is that «robots» are cheaper and more economical «assault rifles». So, for a robotic transmission is acceptable 22000 rubles on the «mechanics». Now «the robot» equipped only with 2-litre power unit with capacity of 82 HP three-door hatchback with a «handle» worth $ 577000 and with «robot»-59900Shape modification of both options is at 11000 rubles.

    However, figure out how much is «automatic» will not work, since the only version of the Peugeot 208 with automatic transmission is equipped with a 6-liter, 120-horsepower engine, and the «mechanics» of this motor is not available, so the difference in price will not be able to calculate. But the sum of 22000 here clearly cannot do: dealers are asking for such a car is 650000 rubles.

    The most current version of the model is equipped with an l engine rated at 68 HP It is exclusively «mechanics» and sells for between $ 510000 for 3-door version (521000-for 5-door). The most expensive option is under the hood of the 6-litre 92-horsepower turbo diesel (box only manual) and is estimated to be at least $ 66600

    But back to «the culprit celebrations». Robotized transmission is called Efficient Tronic Gearbox (ETG), had five assists and, as I said, one grip. The new box, designed by engineers of the PSA, using the most modern technologies. With this transmission, fuel consumption, Peugeot 208 in the combined cycle is just 8 liters per 100 km, that surpasses most rivals in the class, even with mechanical gearboxes.

    Compared to the previous generation of «robot» got a new electronic control unit (of the well-known German company ZF) and new software. The transition from stage to stage faster and less noticeable. In addition, the transmission was the containment function of the car from rolling back when starting on the rise.

    When this option is supplied to the Russian market, prepared for use in a cold climate, which means automatic inclusion of the winter regime (early shift to higher gear) and «petals» for manual shift on the steering wheel. There is also a short-term sports mode when the driver using the «petals» can change gears without translation selector in manual mode.

    No hurry

    My path from Moscow to Vilnius. Travel from the capital early in the morning and get on Minsk Highway without traffic jams. The road makes a good quality coverage, and the car is good, firm smoothness and a gentle hum «rubber» that promises a comfortable trip. Sometimes, though, to reduce the noise of the air flow in large mirrors, but this does not give rise to concern. The machine offers excellent visibility.

    Not bad and the 2-litre engine-it works in all its 82 «horses», but even at high rpm it sound pressure on the eardrum. And what about the transmission? The switching takes place smoothly, as promised, but pause (which is expected) will satisfy only a very melancholic driver is no more than a second. However, in the long road that has virtually no strain, just for fans to take manual control, falling on a couple of gears. In this case, the problems with traction almost not feel, despite the small displacement engine.

    Time flew by unnoticed thanks to a great kid’s abilities of team Peugeot. Chassis confidently swallows the average roughness, steering wheel «because» in the area, and the driver does not experience in long-distance travel no tension. Except that in the gentle bends on «curled» seems somewhat artificial, but it’s not Office reduces reliability. If you leave the highway on a winding track, you can get the real pleasure from hunting pleas and gambler in the little hatchback. Perfectly behaved and brakes, in French, gripping and sensitive. The main thing is not to fall for the broken Primer-in these conditions, the energy intensity of suspension is not enough. However, there are other cars.

    Unusual solutions

    Happy in the long driveway and a quality interior. Elements Salon adjusted accurately, and the plastic at the top front of the soft to the touch and an expensive-looking that the B-class cars that meet infrequently. And ergonomics in General is good. Especially liked the multimedia complex with 7-inch Central screen high resolution: the graphics are excellent, and not use the algorithm creates. There are also dual-zone climate, which is available in the «base» in the «Advanced» set of Allure.

    The driver’s seat (and front passenger too) like it. On the one hand, spin does not get tired, the legs do not go numb. On the other hand, is a Chair on stooped: headrest is very much ahead. In terms of rear-end security is certainly good, but people with a straight back with a long ride starts whining neck.

    Some of the criticism led to a non-standard location of the instrument panel. The dials are above normal, and look at them on top of the steering wheel. In theory, less than distracted from the road, but the position of the hands on the handlebar in the interval from 10 to two hours «just and overlaps. There is only one way out: keep your hands as you are taught in driving schools: «three and nine o’clock. You can still, of course, delete the «steering wheel» on my knees, but it’s hardly out of this situation. Of course, getting used to keep their hands on the rules, but in a far journey sometimes want to change grip.

    Child of compromise

    Vilnius met me rain and traffic jams. And here’s another problem with robotic transmission. The fact of the matter is that when driving in a creeping regime with frequent stops automatics have to constantly clamp-break grip, making movement is antsy. Besides, when you press the accelerator is stuck-squash the pedal, the car does not respond at first, and then with renewed energy breaks down. In short, on track with this gearbox feel better than in the city.

    It seems that the version of the Peugeot 208 with «robot» is not suitable for everyone. It will be a good fit for those who are saving money by purchasing and operation is more important than performance. Fans of «hot stuff» is closer to the version with the «mechanics». And he who does not like to change gears, but does not want to sacrifice the dynamics, will select the most powerful 120-strong modification from the «machine».

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    Peugeot 208 Hatchback – Reviews
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