How to Properly Maintain Your Armored Vehicles

How to Properly Maintain Your Armored Vehicles

If you own one of these rare, beautiful machines, you’re quite lucky. But how do you uphold the efficiency of the vehicle by maintenance? It is not your regular car, and you want to keep it in its best form at all times. Importance and attention should be given to armored vehicles and their maintenance so that they can serve their functions proficiently. Below are some maintenance tips from the world leading armored vehicle dealer – Troy Armoring that will help keep your armored vehicle working at its best state always.

#1: Follow the User Manual

Well, there is only one way to find out- the user manual. It will be quite difficult to handle these machines optimally if you haven’t taken time to read that booklet. The manual contains essential information on special requirement of the car you may not normally know, who knows, you could be using the wrong fuel. A proper understanding of the guide manual ensures you don’t do the wrong things or use the wrong products for the right purposes.

#2: Avoid misalignments

The correct alignment of vehicle wheels should be found in the user’s manual. So, inspect the arrangement of the wheels to ensure they are correctly aligned as misalignment can result in uneven wear and tear. Some vehicles having independent back suspension may require that all its wheels be attuned. Increase your vehicles life-span, check for disarrangements.

#3: Severe or multiple hits 

It may not seem much of a problem right now but it would surface and pray it isn’t at a time when you need it the most. These cars are designed to endure damage and collision, to take bullets and explosions like it’s a shower of rain but as miserable as it may sound, they can’t keep up with all the rigorousness forever. If a particular spot has been hit many times or even a few, it is possible, very possible that it is beginning to lose its strength and resistance. To avoid it breaking off along the line, get it replaced or fixed.

#4: Battery spills

Ensure, routinely that your car’s battery is in good condition. Battery spilling still occurs, though less frequent but they do. Spillage, disintegration, uncalled mineral buildup can develop in your car battery, it is your responsibility to check this and clean it up.

#5: Overall maintenance

The tires, the wheels, the siren, suspension framework, car parts, doors, general cleaning, and other basic maintenance practices should be carried out frequently as with normal vehicles. Note that the impenetrable glass can wear out with time, it can be changed, ensure you observe regular maintenances practices.