How To Get Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance Quotes

How To Get Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance Quotes
How To Get Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance Quotes

Cheap full coverage auto insurance: who wouldn’t want it? You get to pay hundreds of dollars less per annum, and still enjoy the same coverage as the other person driving the exact same car as you! However, getting such a great deal isn’t that straightforward. After all, if it was that easy, nobody would be complaining about the premiums they’re paying every year!

You love your car, why not make sure it is insured under all circumstances?

What Is Full Coverage Insurance?

The term “full coverage” can actually be a bit misleading.  Many people use this phrase to describe an insurance policy that includes all insurance types offered from one insurer.  The problem with doing so, is that one insurer’s full package might include insurance types that another insurer does not… or vice-versa.  To make it simple, when we speak about full coverage auto insurance here at, we refer to an insurance policy that includes liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

You may be thinking that full coverage insurance, or a policy that includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, is probably pretty expensive. Fret not, though: here, we’ll tell you what you must do to get those cheap full coverage auto insurance policies. It isn’t straightforward, but with a little bit of effort on your part, you’ll see your premiums fall to an all-time low!

If you get into an accident like the one below, you might need full coverage auto insurance to make sure you cover all the loose ends. Continue reading below to learn how you can get this type of insurance at a low cost.

  • Clean Up Your Driving Record, Son!

    It isn’t hard to see that a spotty driving record inflating your auto insurance premiums. Although the past is never a good predictor of the future, it is fairly safe to say that a few points under your name will indicate to insurers that you’re probably a reckless driver that has a higher probability of getting into an accident –  and thus claiming the insured sum from your insurer. And the one thing insurers don’t like is to pay out dozens of times to the same person, because, well, it hurts their bottom line.

    It’s easy to clean up those demerit points you have under your name. For one, join a defensive driving course! Check your state’s DMV website for more details; such a course usually removes 3-4 demerit points off your record.

    Of course, it’s equally important to make sure you’re not getting even more demerit points – drive safely, don’t drive under influence and really practice defensive driving techniques!

    Stop Making Claims For Small Damages

    It’s best if it doesn’t happen, but there are times where you’re involved in really small accidents with another vehicle. It’s a really small bump, though – it might just be a small scratch, nothing a simple paint job can’t handle. If that’s the case, don’t claim from your insurance company for such miniscule claims!

    The reason is simple: every time you try to claim from your insurer, your insurer will jack up your premiums by a certain amount for the next few years. Every claim you make will increase the premium by a set amount. In extreme cases, your insurer may even stop insuring you altogether!

    As such, don’t always claim when you can help it; try to settle the damages and repairs without involving the insurers.

    Don’t Send Out Too Many Requests For Auto Insurance Quotes!

    Here’s a quirky little fact: when you send out many different applications to different insurance companies, you might get an increased premium from all of them than if you had asked from just one insurer! This is because sending many applications increases the number of times the insurers have to request a credit rating agency to rate your credit score. It seems that a high frequency of requests for credit scores (typically 7 – 10 within a short period of time) places you in the “high-risk” category – the reason is still unknown.

    As such, instead of sending out requests for quotes directly to companies, get your quotes online! Here at, we do not require you to provide us your social security number; only the bare minimum is required from you before we start generating your cheap full coverage auto insurance quotes. Start getting these quotes now by keying in your zip code at the top of the webpage!

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