How Is Vehicle Maintenance Linked To Your Auto Insurance Rates

How Is Vehicle Maintenance Linked To Your Auto Insurance Rates
How Is Vehicle Maintenance Linked To Your Auto Insurance Rates

So, after owning a vehicle for years, you decide to ditch your previous auto insurer for another company, one that promises you lower rates for the same coverage. You meet with the insurance agent from that company, and show them your maintenance records. And suddenly, you’re greeted with an unpleasant surprise: because of your poor maintenance records, the new company is increasing your “lower” rates by a large margin!

This scenario isn’t uncommon, because very little people understand the link between vehicle maintenance and auto insurance rates. Besides making sure that your vehicle doesn’t land in any serious breakdowns or even accidents, vehicle maintenance makes sure that your car insurance premiums are kept to a minimum.

There is a link between how well you maintain your car and how much you pay for auto insurance. But what is it, exactly?

Vehicle Maintenance and Auto Insurance Rates: How Are They Linked?

With regular vehicle maintenance, you make sure that your vehicle is kept in top form. This means that you won’t have your brake pads failing you at the wrong moment, headlights failing to come on during the night and tires failing to keeping traction when you’re on the road.

That makes your vehicle a safer machine to drive in compared to one that is poorly maintained. A poorly maintained machine will fail to protect you and your passengers in times of need – for example, when you do an emergency brake because of a car swerving into your lane.

A poorly-maintained vehicle is also statistically proven to be involved in more traffic accidents. As such, it isn’t that hard to see the link between vehicle maintenance and auto insurance rates – if you do something that’s going to get you into more accidents, your car insurer will increase your auto insurance premiums.

In addition, if you did not maintain your vehicle, you could find yourself neck-deep in debts in the event of an accident. That’s because it’s very, very possible for auto insurers to not issue any payouts to you at all if the accident is a result of your negligence in ensuring that your vehicle is safe enough to be on the roads.

Vehicle Maintenance and Auto Insurance Rates: Tips For Vehicle Maintenance

Here are some tips to help you keep your auto insurance rates down:

Don’t throw away your receipts from the workshop!  Keep these receipts as proof that you have been to a workshop regularly. Plain words don’t do the job; your auto insurer needs plain evidence to qualify you as a safe driver that maintains his or her vehicle regularly.

Maintain as soon as you hit the mileage dictated by your workshop!  Don’t take the chance by going beyond the mileage indicated by your workshop. Although it is fine to exceed the limit by a few miles, don’t make the mistake of going to the workshop after exceeding the mileage by thousands of miles! Going to the workshop regularly means that small problems are detected and resolved. You’ll be surprised that a loose gear that can be repaired cheaply may lead to engine failure if left unchecked, which will cost you thousands of dollars.

Do the normal checks on your vehicle every week!  You should, as a rule of thumb, top-up your engine oil levels to the recommended level, make sure there is enough coolant in the vehicle, check your tire pressure and make sure your air filters are working fine every week. If you detect any problems, go to the workshop immediately!

Now that you’ve understood the link between vehicle maintenance and auto insurance rates, you may want to look at new options for your auto insurance coverage. Start with us by entering your zip code at the top of the page, and you’ll be on your way to the latest quotes from reputable auto insurers across the nation!

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How Is Vehicle Maintenance Linked To Your Auto Insurance Rates
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