Highest Rated Car Insurance Companies

Highest Rated Car Insurance Companies
Highest Rated Car Insurance Companies

With so many auto insurance companies in the states, it is no wonder that consumers are often spoiled for choices when choosing their auto insurer. Indeed, every company seems to be the best at face value; they promise you the lowest rates and best non-monetary benefits. Suddenly, it feels as if it doesn’t matter which company you sign up with – all of them seem to offer the same thing, after all!

If you’re thinking that way, stop right now! Many of these insurance companies lay groundless claims; they may promise the lowest rates, but there is no certain way to find out whether they are lying or not! Although companies must follow by the principles of caveat emptor(let the consumer beware), a simple twist of words can deceive unwary clients.

As such, the best way to ascertain whether an auto insurance company is reliable or not is this: auto insurance company ratings! There are a myriad of ratings out there, and the proliferation of the internet has made it even easier for you to gain access to these ratings. Let’s look at how these ratings work.

Auto Insurance Company Ratings: How Are They Rated, Exactly?

Most auto insurance company ratings are based on the quality of their customer service, ease of claims, speed of claims, coverage provided, complimentary services provided and, of course, premium rates.

Customer Service – If you find that the insurance company you’re looking at has horrendous track records for customer service, you might want to consider moving along – even though they might boast one of the cheapest auto insurance rates! That’s because you’ll often find yourself quarrelling with an inept customer service representative from the company, or will be hounded by agents to upgrade your insurance policy to a “better”, but more costly one.

Ease of Claims and Speed of Claims – This has to do with how easy and fast the claims are. You may find that some insurer tries their very best to not issue out claims for you in order to save on their costs. These insurers will definitely be flagged by unsatisfied customers, so look out for these tell-tale signs of bad companies!

Coverage Provided and Premium Rates – These 2 factors are tied together; you will find people comparing premium rates and the amount of coverage a particular insurer will provide. This is a big factor for many people, but usually isn’t the most important factor. After all, most clients recognize that the cheaper the rates, the worse the service. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t go for auto insurers that provide you with the cheapest rates; rather, go for the ones that are reputable and give you the most value for money!

Complimentary Services – There are auto insurers that provide free roadside assistance services or even free rental vehicles in the event of a breakdown. Some come with an extra cost, while others are for free! Customers and reviewers take this into account when giving the final auto insurance company rating.

Which Are The Highest-Rated Auto Insurance Companies?

The following companies are listed on JD Power and Associate’s auto insurance company ratings:



American Family





Insurance Panda


21st Century

Also, you should go for Standard and Poor’s ratings about each of these companies’ financial standings. As a rule of thumb, the better the company’s financial standing, the better the company, because it shows that they have satisfied their clients’  wants and needs and thus have their customers’ support!

After going through the ratings, you might want to begin your search for actual quotes with us – just enter your zip code into the field at the top of the page, and you are good to go!

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Highest Rated Car Insurance Companies
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