Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?

Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?
Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?

Men Pay Higher Insurance Premiums Whenever a car seems to jerk uncontrollably for a moment, the men driving behind that particular vehicle will crane their necks to confirm their suspicious. And then they see it: a whip of a ponytail, or a glint of jewelry.

Yes, it is true. A woman is driving the car, and this particular case study fulfills the stereotype: that women are bad drivers.

As a man, you will most likely pay more for car insurance. But why is this? Is there anything you can do to offset this?

But is this really true? If women are bad drivers, why is it that the men are paying higher auto insurance premiums ?

Don’t believe it? If you are a guy, try comparing your auto insurance rates to your female counterparts. Although the difference is almost miniscule, you will still be stunned by the truth of this: that you are paying a much higher rate than the lady now smirking at you.

Why Do Men Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums?

To understand why, we must first understand how car insurance companies calculate premiums. Simply put, car insurance companies calculate your premium rates based on the risk that they deem you are at for accidents. The riskier you are to insure, the higher the auto insurance rates you will be slapped with.

There are many, many factors that auto insurers look at, but the main factors are marital status, car model, car make, age, gender, traffic accident history, driving record and years of driving experience.

Why, then, is gender affecting auto insurance rates?

Well, auto insurance companies based their calculations on statistics. They identify trends and correlations between accidents and various characteristics of these accident-prone drivers. Aside from the common-sense correlation between drink-driving and accidents, there are other things that point towards risky drivers. Amongst these is, surprisingly, gender.

That’s right, gentlemen. It is official: men are more of a road hazard than women. Contrary to popular belief, men are often involved in big traffic accidents – the types that cause pile-ups on the roads, and bring news helicopters to the scene of the accident. Men are also more prone to breaking speed limits, driving aggressively, changing lanes abruptly, tailgating and making sharp, unsafe turning maneuvers. In addition, men spend more time on the roads – and thus increase their risk of getting into an accident.

Women, however, are more prone to minor accidents – the types that do not require a claim from the insurance company. These accidents include minor scratches on the sides of the door, cracked mirrors because of poor spatial judgments and the like. Although women make a lot more minor mistakes than the men do, men tend to take more risks and land themselves in more major accidents.

How Can A Men Reduce His Auto Insurance Premiums, Then?

Well, short of doing a gender-change surgery, all men can do one thing: drive safely!

That’s right! There’s nothing better to decrease your auto insurance premiums than to drive safely. Don’t tailgate, don’t make sudden lane changes, and don’t take risks! If you drive defensively, you’ll find yourself avoiding a lot of potential road hazards in the future.

With a clean driving record, you’ll find your car insurance premiums tumbling down! While gender may play a role in deciding your auto insurance rates, it plays only a small role – safe driving still matters more!

Of course, you can push your rates even further down by shopping around! Start by using our auto insurance quotes comparison tool – just key in your zip code at the top of the page, and you’re ready to begin the hunt for bargain auto insurance coverage!

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Do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance?
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